Monday, January 19, 2009

Fridge full of good eatin'

Yesterday, I made 3 different dinners for this week. I do this sometimes but now with us trying to eat more natural foods, I will have to do this more often.

I made:
Jacki's family recipe for Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Fantastic, really yummy. I used turkey meat for the meatballs, and they don't stick together as well, but they were yummy.

Jen's recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Chicken.
As this recipe is so very close to my Buffalo Chicken dip, I realized you could probably make this with a number of different dressings. Italian dressing - marinate chicken and use Romano cheese. My sister does something very similar with mayonaise and broccoli. Yea, there are so many options with these basic ingredients; cooked chicken breast, cream cheese, shedded cheese, dressing, veggie. Mix and bake until bubbly.

Crunchville's Pot Pie.

I used a turkey breast, boiled with seasoning and added carrots, onions, potatoes until meat is cooked and carrots are soft. Separted veggies from broth and meat. Put meat aside to cool. Put veggies in glass dish. Made butter and flour rue. Added broth and half & half. Added more seasoning. Cooked until boiling then added broth to glass dish. Cut up meat added to dish. Made crust and put overtop and baked. I had so much extra veggies, meat and broth that I put another glass dish in freezer for next week - all I need to do is make a new crust.

This was so very yummy!

All are on my make again list.

Thanks to everyone that posted these gems.

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